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Explore a wide range of Finance tools and products related to AI
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    Real-time data analysis of financial markets

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    Genius Sheets

    Generate reports, financial models, and instant analysis from Text Prompts.

  • AlphaResearch logo


    A platform for investors to analysis and visualization.

  • Gorilla Terminal logo

    Gorilla Terminal

    A platform for investment research and analysis.

  • DoNotPay logo


    Get legal help using AI.

  • TradeUI logo


    A platform for traders for trading signals, and more.

  • Ellisense logo


    A software for comprehensive market sentiment analysis.

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    Enables users to find, engage, visualize, and share data.

  • Avanzai logo


    Quickly and accurately analyze financial data using natural language.

  • ChainGPT logo


    A blockchain-based AI model designed to help with crypto and blockchain tasks.

  • StockGPT logo


    AI-powered search tool that retrieves information from Tesla's quarterly earnings

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    A platform to build AI models without coding.

  • Candlestick logo


    An app for investors to pick stocks.

  • Sturppy logo


    A platform to build investor-ready financial models.

  • AiTax logo


    AI Technology to Prepare and File Your Taxes

  • Web3 Summary logo

    Web3 Summary

    A Google Chrome Extension to simplify complex crypto projects into easy-to-understand explanations.

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    Quickly create data visualizations from web or file data

  • Glean AI logo

    Glean AI

    Streamlines accounts payable processes to make smarter financial decisions.

  • hoopsAI logo


    A platform for personalized stock market insights and other investing tools.

  • Pluto logo


    An investing platform to make informed decisions to build and trade with confidence.

  • Paymefy logo


    A tool for debt collection.

  • Metaview logo


    An tool to automate taking interview notes.

  • Truewind logo


    A tool for bookkeeping and finances.

  • Composer logo


    An automated brokerage platform with tools to create, backtest, and execute trading algorithms.

  • ChatCSV logo


    An assistant that helps users analyze CSV files and ask questions.

  • AI Spend logo

    AI Spend

    Monitor your OpenAI API costs

  • MySocialPulse logo


    Using Data and Technology to Solve Real-World Problems

  • Mest logo


    Manage and analyze blockchain wallets comprehensively.

  • Finsheet logo


    Finsheet provides stock price in Excel

  • Billy: AI Invoicing Made Effortless. logo

    Billy: AI Invoicing Made Effortless.

    Say goodbye to tedious invoice drafting, simplify with Billy

  • FlyFin logo


    FlyFin is a tax service designed for self-employed individuals, utilizing artificial intelligence to maximize tax deductions

  • Receipt Cat logo

    Receipt Cat

    Receipt Cat is a receipt scanning and expense tracking app designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs manage their finances.

  • Dipsway logo


    DipSway is a cloud-hosted crypto trading bot that helps users optimize their cryptocurrency wallet by executing trades at opportune moments.

  • Jinnee logo


    Jinnee is an AI-bot designed to provide personalized assistance in the financial sector.

  • Pitchgrade logo


    Get feedback on your pitch deck to ease fundraising worries.

  • Fego logo


    Open Finance Platform tapping into the Account Aggregation Framework

  • Option Alpha logo

    Option Alpha

    Data-driven trading platform that helps traders eliminate emotion and make informed decisions based on math and probability

  • Evolia Protocol logo

    Evolia Protocol

    Cryptocurrency investment analysis and advice.

  • Finalle logo


    Financial Intelligence Reimagined

  • BeeBee AI logo

    BeeBee AI

    Financial reports and earnings calls become easily understandable with key insights for everyday investors.

  • GiniMachine logo


    GiniMachine is a no-code AI decision-making platform that provides dedicated software for business predictions

  • Dispute AI logo

    Dispute AI

    Artificial Intelligence DIY Credit Repair Software

  • SEC Insights logo

    SEC Insights

    Explore and analyze multiple documents, extracting meaningful insights and facilitating deep comparisons.

  • Taxly logo


    Simplifies tax filing, enhances deductions, and aids financial planning, benefiting individuals, small businesses, and CPAs.

  • Coinfeeds logo


    Your Crypto Chatbot Companion, ask it anything!

  • GorillaTerminal AI logo

    GorillaTerminal AI

    AI powered bloomberg terminal alternative

  • CreditHQ logo


    Explore what if scenarios for your credit score

  • Shufti Pro logo

    Shufti Pro

    AI based KYC and AML solution

  • PitchPal logo


    Your shortcut to startup funding, powered by AI.

  • Global Predictions Inc logo

    Global Predictions Inc

    Personalized AI-driven investing guide for self-directed investors.

  • Finance Brain logo

    Finance Brain

    Aids financial analysis for businesses.

  • CardZap logo


    With CardZap, you can effortlessly create and share your personalised digital business cards.

  • AlphaSense logo


    AlphaSense finds information on companies, data and themes from within millions of research documents in seconds, all with ONE simple search.

  • BlackHedge logo


    AI-driven stock trading app democratizing investing with predictive models, chart signals, and user-friendly design

  • Morphlin logo


    Empower your trading with AI analytics, real-time data, and intuitive tools on one dynamic platform.

  • DataVisor logo


    Delivers a powerful fraud and risk management platform that enables organizations to respond to fraud attacks in real time.

  • Booke AI logo

    Booke AI

    Streamline your bookkeeping business with AI-driven single app

  • Paddle logo


    Comprehensive payment, tax, and subscription management for SaaS companies.

  • PinkLion logo


    A Copilot for your investments - AI based financial reasoning to make you a better investor

  • 5-Out logo


    Maximize the profitability of your restaurant

  • Rose AI logo

    Rose AI

    Rose is a cloud data platform designed to help users find, engage, visualize and share data.

  • Quadency logo


    Meet Cody and turn your ideas into trades.

  • Satoshigpt logo


    Offers accessible analysis, recommendations, and explanations of cryptocurrency trends and concepts.

  • Stocknews AI logo

    Stocknews AI

    Stock News curated by AI. Can search from 100+ sources.

  • TradingLab logo


    Powerful trading indicator designed to help traders dominate the market.

  • Sturppy Plus logo

    Sturppy Plus

    AI powered CFO Copilot

  • BVM logo


    Prescriptive business analytics tool for revenue growth, data-driven decisions, and integrations with popular services.

  • Monarch money logo

    Monarch money

    Gain total control of your money

  • Decode Investing logo

    Decode Investing

    Access and extract valuable insights from earnings call transcripts, enabling informed investment decisions.

  • Web3 Summary logo

    Web3 Summary

    Say goodbye to the headaches of decoding crypto jargon.

  • Myuser logo


    Initiate Fednow, Wire & Zelle Payments within your website

  • Reconcile logo


    Reconcile is an innovative AI-powered tax filing solution that aims to simplify the complex and time-consuming process of tax preparation.

  • Lemon Squeezy logo

    Lemon Squeezy

    All-in-one platform for managing your SaaS business.

  • Algalon AI logo

    Algalon AI

    Advanced blockchain development suite.

  • SW Stock logo

    SW Stock

    Advanced tool designed to assist users in generating optimized and precise Pine script code for the TradingView platform.

  • ChainIntelGPT logo


    Dive Deep into On-Chain & Off-Chain World of Crypto with an AI Search Engine

  • StonksGPT logo


    Search and get instant information related to any company's details

  • Trendspider logo


    AI Powered Trading Tool

  • Ask Buffet Anything logo

    Ask Buffet Anything

    Buffett-endorsed chatbot for investment advice.

  • WaspGPT logo


    Offers access to a wealth of cryptocurrency-related information, including articles, news, and analyses.

  • BloombergGPT logo


    A 50-billion parameter large language model, purpose-built from scratch for finance

  • Raizer logo


    Fundraising platform for startup founders

  • Greip logo


    Greip is a fraud prevention tool designed to protect app developers from payment fraud and enhance financial security.

  • Advantis logo


    Advantis AI is a tool that empowers crypto investors to make informed decisions by providing insights and monitoring for potential risks in the crypto market.

  • Parseur logo


    Maximize data extraction efficiency with AI-powered precision, OCR, and customizable templates.

  • Finbots logo


    Finbots is an integrated, AI-powered credit modelling solution that enables smarter, faster, and more inclusive lending

  • Riskified logo


    Empower Your eCommerce with Smart Fraud Protection

  • Tradytics logo


    Tradytics is a trading toolkit designed for retail traders, offering comprehensive trade ideas, live options flow, scanners, market and ticker dashboards, long-term portfolios, and technical analysis tools

  • Potato logo


    Create and customize stock portfolios based on thematic investing.

  • Stocked AI logo

    Stocked AI

    Stock predictions based on advanced machine learning algorithms

  • BandoFacile logo


    Simplifies and expedites the application process for grants and funding opportunities.

  • ZeroTax Al logo

    ZeroTax Al

    One-Stop Shop for AI Assisted Tax Help #TaxGPT

  • CoinScreener logo


    Comprehensive Crypto Trading Tool for Traders and Newbies Alike

  • Trade Foresight logo

    Trade Foresight

    Join World's First AI-Based Trade Platform

  • HypeIndex logo


    AI-powered solution that provides real-time insights into the performance of AI applications

  • AvanazAI logo


    AI copilot for analyzing financial data

  • Soon logo


    Soon is a fully automated crypto investing tool that takes the stress out of speculating by using dollar-cost averaging to invest in cryptocurrency.

  • Workist logo


    AI-powered document processing automation

  • Finta logo


    Automate fundraising workflow & grow your business.

  • TaxGPT logo


    Maximize deductions, save time and money with TaxGPT tax filing

  • Eilla AI logo

    Eilla AI

    Secure AI assistant for document creation and financial decision-making

  • Alphie logo


    GPT for zk-rollups

  • RAFA logo


    Invest Smarter with AI: Your Portfolio's New Best Friend

  • KelolaPro logo


    Streamline Your Business Operations with Comprehensive ERP Solutions

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