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Open Finance Platform tapping into the Account Aggregation Framework

What is Fego? Revolutionizing Personal Finance Management is a revolutionary open finance platform that provides a wide range of embeddable personal finance management experiences for various applications. Recently acquired by Perfios Software Solutions, offers innovative features that have the potential to transform the way individuals interact with their finances.

Key Features

  1. Fego XP: This feature offers personalized finance journeys within an application, enhancing user engagement and retention while reducing engineering and compliance overheads.

  2. FegoIntel: FegoIntel provides targeted financial intelligence products, verifying financial accounts, detecting income, and offering valuable insights into financial behavior.

  3. FegoConnect: This feature facilitates the onboarding of users onto the Account Aggregation (AA) framework, providing access to real-time, cleansed, and categorized financial data.

  4. TrACE: The Transaction Categorization & Enrichment Engine leverages Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing algorithms to accurately categorize and enrich messy transaction strings, providing detailed insights into categories, sub-categories, merchants, and channels.

Use Cases

Banking & Financial Institutions empowers banking and financial institutions to streamline their operations, innovate faster, deliver personalized financial experiences, and enhance customer engagement through enriched transaction data.

Fintech Companies

For fintech companies, offers the ability to expand their product offerings and enter the market swiftly with agile products and seamless financial insights.

Consumer-tech Companies

Consumer-tech companies can leverage to introduce finance-related features to their users, positioning themselves at the forefront of innovation in the financial sector by building on top of Fego's robust platform.

In conclusion,'s comprehensive suite of features opens up new possibilities for businesses in the financial and consumer-tech sectors, allowing them to enhance their offerings, innovate rapidly, and deliver cutting-edge financial experiences to their users. With its recent integration into Perfios Software Solutions, is set to revolutionize personal finance management and drive innovation in the industry.

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