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Submit your innovative AI tool to Altern for review. If it's a perfect match for our database, we’ll feature it prominently. In the unlikely event it's not accepted, we provide a full refund, no questions asked.

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  • Price: $99
  • Note: Our listings are permanent, ensuring continuous traffic to your tool. The placement of newer tools is prioritized, attracting more visibility and higher traffic.

Audience Engagement Metrics

  • Daily Page Views: 20,000
  • Monthly Page Views: 600,000
  • Average Ad Click-Through Rate (CTR): 1.3%

Redefining AI Tool Growth Traditional growth methods often fall short in the dynamic AI landscape. Altern provides a revolutionary approach:

  1. Identify Opportunities: Use Altern for market analysis to pinpoint high-demand, low-competition niches.
  2. Develop Your Tool: Craft your AI tool with precision.
  3. Launch and Promote: Introduce your tool on Altern, gaining immediate exposure to targeted visitors.
  4. Sustained Traffic: Benefit from continuous traffic well beyond the launch, thanks to user searches and guaranteed inclusion in the largest AI-focused newsletters.
  5. Targeted Engagement: Enjoy high-intent visits and superior conversion rates, as our traffic consists solely of users actively seeking AI solutions.

Why Altern? Compared to platforms like Product Hunt, Altern offers similar levels of traffic but with a focus solely on AI tools, resulting in much better targeting and effectiveness.