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Galeby shrinks the time spent doing customer service by 2 using AI

What is Galeby?

Galeby: The Efficient Customer Service AI Assistant

Galeby is an innovative customer service AI assistant designed to streamline and expedite the process of handling repetitive customer service inquiries. By leveraging advanced technology, Galeby is capable of facilitating faster responses to customer messages, allowing users to answer queries in half the time it would typically take.

Simplifying Customer Service Workflow

The key to Galeby's efficiency lies in the creation and utilization of templates for common and frequently asked customer queries. With the ability to develop custom templates for various customer messages, users can now respond to customer inquiries with ease and speed. When confronted with a customer message, Galeby is able to recommend the most appropriate template, sparing users the task of manual composition. This allows customer service representatives to focus on the content and context of the message rather than its structure, thus enhancing overall productivity.

Versatile Integration and Support

An added benefit of Galeby is its flexibility, as it can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of applications, including Crisp and Freshdesk, among others. This ensures that users can incorporate Galeby into their existing customer relationship management systems, enhancing efficiency and minimizing the need for disruptive workflow changes. Additionally, private support is available to assist users with any queries or issues that may arise during the use of Galeby, thereby ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

Beta Phase Offer

During its beta phase, Galeby is offering an exclusive 50% discount, providing an excellent opportunity for users to experience its powerful capabilities at a reduced cost. This special offer underscores Galeby's commitment to delivering exceptional value to its early adopters, while also enabling them to take advantage of its cutting-edge features and functionality.

In summary, Galeby represents a significant advancement in customer service automation, empowering users to address repetitive customer queries with unparalleled speed and efficiency. With its intuitive template system, seamless integration with various applications, and dedicated support, Galeby is poised to revolutionize customer service operations, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and improving overall organizational productivity.

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