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Explore a wide range of Email Assistant tools and products related to AI
  • Regie logo


    Regie helps teams write content faster with AI-powered automation.

  • AI Email Writer logo

    AI Email Writer

    Email generation assistance software.

  • Post Genie logo

    Post Genie

    Generated social media posts.

  • ParagraphAI logo


    AI Writing App that writes clear, concise, error-free content.

  • Sibylia logo


    Analyzed social media trends & improved accessibility.

  • Influencer Marketing AI logo

    Influencer Marketing AI

    Discover, analyze, and measure influencers

  • MagicBrief logo


    MagicBrief is a powerful tool designed to assist content creators, video editors, motion designers, and clients in their creative workflow.

  • SmartWriteAI logo


    The Ultimate AI Writing Tool for Content Creators

  • Brand AI Model logo

    Brand AI Model

    Contextually Generate Marketing Content

  • SummrAIz logo


    The ultimate newsletter summarizer! Get concise 250-word summaries of your favourite newsletters twice a week in your inbox. Stay informed with key details and access original content with links.

  • Yobi logo


    Optimise Your Communication with Yobi's Central Platform

  • Taggy logo


    Generate social media keywords and hashtags.

  • MagickPen logo


    Write Anything in seconds just like Magick.

  • Dover logo


    Dover is an AI-powered Chrome extension that enables recruiters to generate highly personalized and customized recruiting emails quickly and effortlessly.

  • Copylime logo


    Copylime is a tool that offers a comprehensive suite of automated copywriting and content creation features.

  • Peachly AI logo

    Peachly AI

    All-in-one AI Advertising Tool for Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads

  • Tefez Scheduling logo

    Tefez Scheduling

    AI-Driven Scheduling: Effortless. Automated. Yours.

  • Everloop AI logo

    Everloop AI

    AI automation as a service

  • Humanlinker logo


    AI-powered sales automation that amplifies your human touch to boost your pipeline.

  • LinePro logo


    AI generated email subject lines that get results

  • Agent Herbie logo

    Agent Herbie

    The AI intern for founders, managers and executives.

  • Angry Email Translator logo

    Angry Email Translator

    Free tool to transform angry emails into polite ones

  • Subjectgenius logo


    Supercharge your email and lifecycle marketing.

  • Bestregards logo


    AI-powered Chrome extension for generating personalized and professional email and message responses.

  • MailMaestro logo


    MailMaestro: AI email assistant for Outlook; expedite mail management, write better emails faster.

  • Nureply logo


    Effecient and Effortless Cold Emails using AI

  • Mailyr logo


    Mailyr writes emails for you inside of Gmail, using the power of ChatGPT.

  • AI Email Generator logo

    AI Email Generator

    AI Email Generator is an AI-powered tool designed to help B2B sales teams improve their outreach efforts and book more sales meetings.

  • Benchmarkemail logo


    Smart Content is an AI-powered email copywriting tool offered by Benchmark Email.

  • Ellie logo


    Ellie mimics your writing style to craft personalized replies.

  • Wordhero logo


    Create original content in seconds with WordHero's AI technology.

  • Salespitch logo


    Salespitch is an advanced AI-driven tool designed to streamline the process of writing and sending cold emails to prospective customers.

  • Hiwriter GPT for Gmail logo

    Hiwriter GPT for Gmail

    Your emails will now write themselves. Use OpenAI's GPT-3 to generate appropriate emails quickly and effortlessly, without having to think.

  • Ipso AI logo

    Ipso AI

    AI assistant drafts emails for scheduling meetings, powered by GPT3.

  • 2siq logo


    Forward emails and get replies.

  • Olympia logo


    AI-powered virtual staffing tool tailored for solopreneurs and bootstrapped startups.

  • Victor logo


    Generated and summarized email responses.

  • Addy AI logo

    Addy AI

    AI email assistant that can compose and reply to your emails

  • Mentioned logo


    Automated influencer outreach & link building

  • Outplayhq logo


    Outplay helps sales teams close more deals & increase revenue.

  • TinyEinstein logo


    TinyEinstein: AI Marketing Manager, 10x Shopify growth boost

  • Luna logo


    Personalize cold emails with Luna's AI-powered lead suggestions & automated messages.

  • PolitePost logo


    PolitePost helps you write polite, safe emails with AI assistance.

  • Jude AI logo

    Jude AI

    Jude AI is a platform designed specifically for real estate professionals, offering a suite of AI-powered solutions to elevate their businesses.

  • AI Mailer logo

    AI Mailer

    Use GPT to produce high-quality emails based on subject or topic

  • Quickeee logo


    Elevate Your Email Management with AI-Powered Efficiency

  • Galeby logo


    Galeby shrinks the time spent doing customer service by 2 using AI

  • Quick Reply logo

    Quick Reply

    AI-powered replies to your messages with just a few clicks

  • Rizemail logo


    Get concise email insights in seconds. Save time, stay organized, and streamline your inbox.

  • EzMail logo


    Automated personalized email drafting.

  • Salesforge logo


    All-inclusive sales App for Sales Teams to Help Them Meet Their Goals

  • Emaildojo logo


    Content generation for targeted social media.

  • Email Bind logo

    Email Bind

    AI-Powered ChatGPT via Email

  • SaneBox logo


    Take Control of Your Inbox

  • Newsletter Pilot logo

    Newsletter Pilot

    Newsletter Pilot is a tool that automates the process of creating engaging newsletters in seconds

  • Voxwave AI logo

    Voxwave AI

    AI-personalized lead gen. Puts your voice into your emails. Works with any mailer.

  • Begone Spammer logo

    Begone Spammer

    Generate personalized snappy replies to uninvited emails

  • Moly logo


    Moly is an AI writing assistant that utilizes GPT-3 and AI technology to help individuals and teams generate content at an accelerated pace

  • Sentient Email logo

    Sentient Email

    Employs sophisticated algorithms to generate appropriate and well-written replies, making email communication effortless and efficient.

  • Zenn logo


    Streamlined email organization and drafting.

  • Canary Mail logo

    Canary Mail

    Email application designed to enhance productivity, streamline email management, and prioritize privacy and security.

  • Icebreaker logo


    Generates numerous icebreakers in minutes, aiming to improve open and click-through rates in cold email campaigns.

  • Email Triager logo

    Email Triager

    Use AI to automatically draft email replies in the background.

  • IntelliMail logo


    IntelliMail is a chrome extension that generates your emails - so you'll never have to write one again.

  • Postaga logo


    Send Cold Emails Easily With Our Tool.

  • SimpleMail logo


    Automated email writing and summarization.

  • PowerDMARC logo


    Enhance email security, enforce DMARC, optimize deliverability, and gain real-time threat insights.

  • Mailscribe logo


    Automated personalized email marketing.

  • AtOnce logo


    Best AI writer, content generator & CRM

  • MAILE logo


    Email drafting on iPhone.

  • Smartwriter logo


    AI creates personalised cold emails/Linkedin messages

  • Microsoft 365 Copilot logo

    Microsoft 365 Copilot

    AI Copilot for Microsoft 365

  • Ghostwrite logo


    Automates email writing with AI, so you can focus on what matters.

  • DraftLab logo


    Reach Inbox Zero 10x faster with Gmail Chrome extension.

  • SuperReply logo


    AI-powered email response tool to match tone & choose best emails.

  • Abnormal Security logo

    Abnormal Security

    Advanced email protection to prevent credential phishing, business email compromise, account takeover, and more.

  • Quicklines logo


    Automate cold emails: upload CSV and get personalized ice breakers

  • Lavender logo


    Write better emails, personalize faster, and coach your team

  • Missive logo


    AI-powered email collaboration & management for productive teams.

  • Personaliz logo


    2x your reply rate by sending a fully personalized email to each of your prospects

  • WriteMeAI logo


    A brilliant and faster way to write

  • VoiceType logo


    Get Your Difficult Emails Written For You

  • HoppyCopy logo


    Create high-converting emails quickly with AI-generated copy.

  • Stride logo


    Generate high quality email lists based on your competitors' social media followers.

  • MailMentor logo


    Drive more revenue with AI generated sales messages

  • GhostAI logo


    Automate your emails with a click of a button.

  • BaruaAI logo

    BaruaAI is an AI-powered email sequence generator that helps users craft high-converting email sequences in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually.

  • Klynk logo


    AI-powered tool for creating customizable and data-driven email campaigns designed for GTM teams

  • InboxPro logo


    Boost your Gmail productivity with AI and powerful automation tools

  • Rapid Reply logo

    Rapid Reply

    Rapid Reply is an AI-powered email assistant that integrates with Gmail to help users write and send emails up to 10x faster.

  • Ortto logo


    Ortto AI creates high-performing emails, SMS, and content

  • Ultramail logo


    Send Personalized Marketing Emails Effortlessly

  • Auger logo


    Auger identifies & removes outreach emails from your inbox with GPT.

  • Respondable logo


    Respondable is a email assistant that helps users write more effective emails in real time.

  • Subject Line Generator logo

    Subject Line Generator

    Subject Line Generator is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in creating compelling email subject lines

  • Zoom IQ logo

    Zoom IQ

    Capture meaningful and actionable insights from customer interactions

  • EmoGPT logo


    Personalized email responses for Gmail.

  • Klart AI logo

    Klart AI

    Generate answers, summarize mails, translate content, improve & fix mails.

  • Hot Reach AI logo

    Hot Reach AI

    Increase your reply conversion from cold emails at scale by personalizing introductions.

  • Writers Brew logo

    Writers Brew

    Meet the AI assistant that accelerates your reading & writing 2x faster and better

  • WhatsGPT logo


    GPT over Whatsapp and Telegram with voice and image processing

  • Parseur logo


    Maximize data extraction efficiency with AI-powered precision, OCR, and customizable templates.

  • Rytr logo


    AI writing assistant for fast, affordable, high-quality content.

  • Checkget logo


    Assisted daily task extension.

  • Hypertype logo


    Efficient email writing with personalized content.

  • Gmail Signature Parser logo

    Gmail Signature Parser

    Extract contact details from Gmail signatures with AI.

  • Robin logo


    Automate sales outreach with Robin AI - no human needed.

  • Ask Experts AI logo

    Ask Experts AI

    Ask any question you have to a team of AI Experts!

  • HarvyAI logo


    Automated email response writing.

  • Thatch logo


    Virtual Mailbox to Scan and Summarize your U.S. Physical Mail, Daily.

  • Outboundly logo


    Personalised Cold Outreach: LinkedIn Profile Analysis Made Easy

  • Professionalize It To Me logo

    Professionalize It To Me

    Generate your professionalized e-mails with one click.

  • Scribbly logo


    AI-powered email writing for busy professionals

  • First Line GPT logo

    First Line GPT

    Send 3000+ Personalized emails to your Prospects

  • Replix logo


    An AI-powered content generation tool that leverages GPT-3 technology to craft engaging, professional and social media content.

  • ReplyAce logo


    Effortlessly Automate Your Email Responses And Improve Customer Satisfaction With ReplyAce.

  • GMass logo


    Automated email management boosting productivity.

  • Shortwave logo


    Intelligent email summaries to read emails in seconds

  • Gmail GPT logo

    Gmail GPT

    Gmail GPT is a free AI tool designed to enhance email communication by generating and assisting in writing emails.

  • AiSDR logo


    AI Sales Development Representative

  • Magicreach logo


    Hyper-personalized icebreakers for faster email personalization & replies.

  • Flowrite logo


    Daily emails and messages generator

  • Hemy logo


    Write personalized follow-up emails 10x faster

  • ChatGPT LinkedIn Email Generator logo

    ChatGPT LinkedIn Email Generator

    Quickly create a tailored email to a business prospect from their Linkedin profile page to increase your email response rate and sell more.

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