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Explore a wide range of Music & Voice tools and products related to AI
  • Koe Recast logo

    Koe Recast

    Voice changer app that lets you sound like a chipmunk, robot, or Darth Vader.

  • Altered logo


    AI-powered voice generator for voiceovers with natural sound.

  • Studio Lite logo

    Studio Lite

    AI-powered music search engine for video creators.

  • SongR logo


    AI-powered music generator creates custom songs.

  • Rapli logo


    AI-powered rap song generator via WhatsApp

  • EVITA logo


    Online singing lessons with personalized feedback.

  • EASY.DX logo


    AI text-to-speech tool for creating lifelike game voiceovers.

  • Wavel logo


    AI software that creates digital copies of voices.

  • TwoShot logo


    Vast library of over 200,000 samples sourced from indie creators and music labels, covering diverse genres and styles.

  • Evoke Music logo

    Evoke Music

    Royalty-free music library with music made with AI.

  • DeepBeat logo


    An AI-powered tool for generating rap lyrics.

  • Samplette logo


    Find music samples

  • Groot Music logo

    Groot Music

    Discord music bot with AI tool

  • viralSong logo


    Predict the number of streams your song will get on spotify

  • Otto AI logo

    Otto AI

    Build unique playlists through AI

  • OnePlus AI Music Studio logo

    OnePlus AI Music Studio

    Unveiling the next-gen sound experience

  • logo

    Create song lyrics with AI

  • Dubbing AI logo

    Dubbing AI

    Change your voice to anyone in realtime with AI, for free

  • VOICEMOD logo


    Enhance your online presence with unique voice modulations.

  • Audio Notes AI logo

    Audio Notes AI

    Turn Chaotic Ideas into Practical Notes.

  • LovoAI logo


    Give your content the voice it deserves.

  • Voice Over Maker logo

    Voice Over Maker

    Professional voiceovers in minutes with AI-powered text-to-speech.

  • Voiser logo


    Your AI-powered voice assistant for a smarter and more productive communication.

  • Listnr logo


    Create realistic AI voice content in seconds! Over 1000+ realistic AI voices in 142 languages with emotions.

  • Uberduck logo


    Turn text into lifelike voices

  • Snowpixel logo


    Generative Media Toolkit

  • Songmastr logo


    Songmastr is an AI-based automatic song mastering service that allows users to instantly master their songs to a commercial reference track.

  • Moodify logo


    Moodify uses Spotify's secure API to find and suggest the best tracks to fit your mood.

  • Artificial Intelligence Songwriter logo

    Artificial Intelligence Songwriter

    Generate original lyrics with an AI songwriting tool for various topics and moods.

  • Natural Language Playlist logo

    Natural Language Playlist

    AI creates custom playlists from your prompts!

  • Raplyrics logo


    AI-driven tool for generating unique rap music punchlines.

  • Quasi logo


    AI creates art, code, music, etc.

  • Beatsbrew logo


    Generated music samples without effort.

  • PlaylistGenius AI logo

    PlaylistGenius AI

    Create your next playlist with the help of PlaylistGenius

  • Playlistable logo


    The Perfect AI Playlist Generator

  • RappingAI logo


    RappingAI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to engage in rap battles with an AI-generated opponent.

  • Mix Check Studio logo

    Mix Check Studio

    Analyzed audio feedback for music mixing.

  • TuneFlow logo


    Music making has never been so easy and fun, with the power of AI

  • Endel logo


    Custom soundscapes for focus, relaxation & sleep.

  • Weet logo


    Create background-free music tutorials quickly.

  • DadaBots logo


    DadaBots is a machine learning platform that generates death metal music 24/7 via a livestream

  • Texttomusic logo


    Text to Music is an AI tool that allows users to generate audio by providing written prompts or descriptions.

  • AI Rap Song Generator logo

    AI Rap Song Generator

    Generate original lyrics and beats, offering an accessible way to craft rap compositions without requiring extensive musical knowledge.

  • WavTool logo


    Edited audio files.

  • Harmonai logo


    Community-driven org releasing open-source audio tools.

  • Landr logo


    Create and release your music in one place.

  • Audioshake logo


    Get your tracks split into stems

  • Drumloop AI logo

    Drumloop AI

    Generate Drum Loops with AI Technology

  • Trending sounds logo

    Trending sounds

    Daily trending sounds delivered to your email.

  • AI Drake logo

    AI Drake

    Create AI covers songs as seen on TikTok, YouTube and many other platforms!

  • AI Jingle Generator logo

    AI Jingle Generator

    Instantly generate unique jingles for radio, podcasts, and more.

  • Lyrical Labs logo

    Lyrical Labs

    Summarizes long docs into key points for easy reading.

  • Riffusion logo


    Create music from text with styles, instruments, modifiers and genres.

  • Staccato logo


    Your AI MIDI Creator and Lyrics Generator

  • WZRD logo


    WZRD is a video augmentation tool designed to elevate creators' music, videos, and live performances.

  • Pollinations logo


    Create, explore, and share AI-generated content with Pollinations' API.

  • WarpSound logo


    WarpSound is an innovative and forward-thinking platform that is at the forefront of shaping the sound of the metaverse.

  • Synthesizer V logo

    Synthesizer V

    Synthesizer V is a vocal synthesizer developed by Dreamtonics.

  • VirtuozyAI logo


    VirtuozyAI : Leverage GPT-4 for Music Creation

  • Cosonify logo


    A suite of tools designed to aid songwriters and music producers in the creation, brainstorming, and development of song ideas.

  • Getsound logo


    Welcome to the future of hospitality AI soundscapes.

  • AI Music Generator logo

    AI Music Generator

    Music composing tool that creates unique and personalized music.

  • Daft Art logo

    Daft Art

    Design your own album art with AI-powered generator.

  • Kits AI logo

    Kits AI

    Create, train, and share custom AI voice models, fostering collaboration with artists and providing users access to their favorite artists' voices for music projects.

  • Spot A Like logo

    Spot A Like

    Generate a personalized Spotify playlist based on your favorite songs or artists

  • Chat Jams logo

    Chat Jams

    Customized playlists based on musical preferences.

  • CassetteAI logo


    Cassette AI is your copilot for music creation.

  • Sonify logo


    Sonify creates audio-first products and data-driven solutions

  • Setlist Predictor logo

    Setlist Predictor

    Forecasts concert setlists for fans.

  • PlaylistName AI logo

    PlaylistName AI

    Design engaging music playlist names with the mood-specific PlaylistName AI generator

  • Vocal Remover logo

    Vocal Remover

    It allows you to separate the audio and background music through AI

  • Musenet logo


    Generate 4-minute AI compositions with up to 10 instruments.

  • Muzaic Studio logo

    Muzaic Studio

    AI-generated, copyright-protected music tailored to your videos, created by professional musicians.

  • Beatopia logo


    Music creation revolution with curated beats, AI lyrics tool, and unlimited licensing for enhanced creativity

  • Moji Writing Assistant logo

    Moji Writing Assistant

    Create better content faster and with less effort.

  • Musico logo


    Musico is an AI-driven software engine that generates copyright-free music based on user input.

  • Artistator logo


    Artistator is a tool that generates unique artist names based on users' favorite music genres, helping them create distinctive names that reflect their individual tastes.

  • SongwrAiter logo


    Generates personalized song lyrics based on user prompts

  • Tunes for Tales logo

    Tunes for Tales

    Tunes for Tales is a tool that recommends songs to match a story or specific emotion, making it easier for users to find the perfect soundtrack.

  • Utopia Enhance logo

    Utopia Enhance

    Enhances music discoverability and searchability through advanced metadata tagging.

  • Lemonaid Music logo

    Lemonaid Music

    A music creation tool

  • Ecrett Music logo

    Ecrett Music

    Ecrett Music is a music composing software that empowers content creators to quickly and easily create royalty-free music for their projects.

  • Prodia logo


    AI Inference API for Images and Music

  • Orb Producer logo

    Orb Producer

    Orb Producer is a plugin suite designed to assist music producers in creating professional-quality musical patterns and loops.

  • HookGen logo


    HookGen is a web app powered by Artificial Intelligence, designed to assist music producers and songwriters in generating new music hooks and melodies.

  • SplitSong logo


    Enables users to effortlessly split songs into separate instrument tracks.

  • MusicTGA-HR logo


    MusicTGA-HR is an API service that provides creators with original music compositions created using the Music Trinity Generative Algorithm.

  • AnthemScore logo


    Music transcription and editing.

  • EpicMusicQuiz logo


    Music video quiz creation and playing.

  • Polymath logo


    Convert any music library into a music production sample-library with ML

  • Songtell logo


    AI-generated song meanings repository with 20000+ meanings & posters.

  • Piano Genie logo

    Piano Genie

    Have some fun pretending you're a piano virtuoso using machine learning

  • Chord ai logo

    Chord ai

    Chord ai is an app that helps users identify the chords and beats of any song instantly.

  • Voicify logo


    Create AI Covers with your Favorite Artists

  • Boomy logo


    Create music & get paid for every listen on 40+ platforms worldwide.

  • Open Voice OS logo

    Open Voice OS

    A community powered Linux distribution

  • DeepCuts logo


    Spotify data analysis through natural language text.

  • RipX logo


    RipX is a audio manipulation tool that empowers users to create and manipulate audio with ease

  • AI Poem Generator logo

    AI Poem Generator

    AI-powered tool that generates unique rhyming poems on any subject.

  • Maroofy logo


    Maroofy is a music recommendation engine that helps users discover similar songs they may enjoy.

  • Loudly logo


    AI-Powered Music Generator and Royalty-Free Music Library

  • Songs Like X logo

    Songs Like X

    Get personalized playlists of similar songs to your favorite track with our tool

  • RIFFIT Reader logo

    RIFFIT Reader

    RIFFIT Reader is a generative AI powered app for converting any reading material (text) into a song of your choice.

  • Emergent Drums logo

    Emergent Drums

    Generate drum samples with AI. Use our plugin for endless, royalty-free samples.

  • JukeGPT logo


    Discover generative AI for musicians

  • logo

    AI Music Made Easy: Your Soundtrack in Minutes.

  • HitPaw logo


    Your one-stop creative toolkit.

  • FineVoice logo


    Share your voice, near or far.

  • MyEdit logo


    Free Voice Changer. Unleash your inner voice.

  • Lalals logo


    Your voice, any way you want it.

  • voiceover logo


    Turn Text into Captivating Audio.

  • Endlesss logo


    Make music together, endlessly.

  • Humtap logo


    Compose music, anytime, anywhere.

  • Amper Music logo

    Amper Music

    Amper utilizes its AI technology to generate custom soundtracks in seconds based on specific needs.

  • Melodrive logo


    AI music system creates endless, original, emotional music on-demand.

  • Auphonic logo


    Auphonic: AI-powered audio mastering, made simple

  • LALAL.AI logo


    Isolate voices, amplify clarity.

  • NVIDIA RTX Voice logo

    NVIDIA RTX Voice

    Silence the noise, amplify your voice: RTX Voice by NVIDIA.

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