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Automate Testing For Your Product

What is Webo.Ai? is a cloud-based, patented AI testing solution that provides a faster, smarter, and more affordable way to test for startups. It helps startups to:

Reduce test time and costs: automatically generates and updates test cases, so startups don't have to spend time writing and maintaining them. This can save startups up to 70% on testing costs. Improve test quality: uses AI to identify and fix defects in software, so startups can release higher-quality products faster. Increase developer productivity: frees up developers to focus on writing code, not testing, so they can be more productive. has been used by startups of all sizes to improve their testing processes and reduce costs. For example, helped one startup reduce its test time by 80% and its test costs by 60%.

some of the key features of

AI-powered test case generation: uses AI to automatically generate test cases for your software. This can save you a lot of time and effort. AI-powered test automation: uses AI to automate your tests, so you can run them more frequently and identify defects sooner. AI-powered defect prediction: uses AI to identify areas of your software that are more likely to have defects. This can help you focus your testing efforts on the most critical areas. AI-powered test reporting: provides detailed test reports that show you the results of your tests and identify any defects. If you are a startup looking to improve your testing processes and reduce costs, I recommend checking out

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