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Draft contracts 3x faster with AI-powered Spellbook and GPT-3.

What is Spellbook?


Spellbook is an innovative AI copilot designed for legal professionals, providing support and assistance in reviewing, analyzing, and drafting legal documents and contracts directly within Microsoft Word. Leveraging advanced language models such as GPT and other LLMs, Spellbook offers a comprehensive set of features aimed at streamlining the legal review process and enhancing the overall efficiency of legal professionals.

Advanced Intelligence and Training

Spellbook is powered by advanced language models and has been trained on an extensive corpus of legal text, encompassing billions of lines of content from various legal sources such as case databases, form libraries, and statutes. This extensive training ensures that the AI is capable of understanding and operating within the nuanced and specialized context of legal language, enabling it to provide accurate and relevant suggestions for legal documents and contracts.

Key Features

  • Reviews: The AI enables instant review of contracts, identifying potential risks, errors, and negotiation points, assisting legal professionals in conducting comprehensive evaluations of legal documents.

  • Redlining: Spellbook offers precise changes and comments based on user prompts, facilitating efficient and accurate editing and revision processes.

  • Insights: Users receive actionable information and suggestions automatically populated every time they open a document, providing valuable guidance and support.

  • Drafting Support: Spellbook's AI provides specialized assistance in drafting relevant contracts, clauses, and client communication, assisting legal professionals in creating high-quality legal documents.

  • AI Assistant: The AI offers task-based automations, significantly increasing the speed and efficiency of working through legal documents.

  • Clause Library: Spellbook automatically creates a searchable library of frequently used legal language, allowing users to access and utilize this resource while working on documents.

  • Chat Functionality: Users can interact with Spellbook using their own prompts to request specific tasks or outcomes, enhancing the AI's flexibility and usability.

User-Centric Design and Integration

Spellbook is designed to alleviate the laborious aspects of legal document review and editing, allowing legal professionals to focus on strategic and value-added work. The AI is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Word, running alongside contracts and providing direct support within the familiar environment of the word processing software. Additionally, Spellbook offers free trials, allowing legal professionals to experience and evaluate its capabilities before making a commitment.

Industry Expertise and Trust

Built exclusively for the legal industry, Spellbook has been trained and refined to cater specifically to the unique needs and challenges faced by legal professionals. With a strong track record of powering over 2,000 legal teams, Spellbook has earned the trust of lawyers and legal practitioners, positioning itself as a reliable and effective tool for enhancing productivity and accuracy in legal document review and drafting.

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