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AI chatbot builder designed for websites, offering seamless and customizable customer service 24/7

What is Robofy?

Introducing Robofy: Your Website's AI Chatbot Builder

Robofy is the answer to your website's need for exceptional customer service around the clock. With a free trial available, website owners can now leverage the power of AI to create a customized chatbot that can handle and respond to 100% of visitor inquiries. By using Robofy, website visitors are ensured a seamless and immediate response to their queries, thus elevating user satisfaction. The ability to customize the chatbot using the website's content and design allows for a personalized experience for the visitors.

Advantages of Robofy

Emphasizing Seamless Customer Service

Robofy ensures that website visitors receive instant responses to their queries, leading to an enhanced user experience. By providing immediate and accurate solutions to their inquiries, Robofy aims to satisfy the user instantly, creating a sense of reliability and trust within the user.

Customable and Tailored Experience

Using Robofy, website owners can personalize their chatbot to mimic the style and voice of their website, thereby creating a tailored and unique experience for their visitors. This customization capability allows for a seamless integration of the chatbot with the website's overall design and provides a consistent and engaging user experience.

Cost-Effective Yearly Pricing Plans

Website owners can take advantage of limited-time discounts on yearly pricing plans, saving costs while still enjoying robust features. The availability of discounted yearly plans makes Robofy an affordable solution for website owners looking to enhance their customer service with an AI-powered chatbot.

Seamless WordPress Integration

Robofy seamlessly integrates with WordPress, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of website users. This compatibility with WordPress allows website owners to easily incorporate Robofy's chatbot functionality into their existing websites, regardless of their technical expertise.

Reseller Plan for Business Expansion

Individuals or businesses interested in offering chatbot building services can benefit from Robofy's reseller plan, which provides an opportunity to expand their offerings and cater to a broader customer base. This reseller plan allows entrepreneurs to tap into the growing demand for AI chatbot solutions in the market.

Developer-Friendly API

Developers can seamlessly integrate Robofy's chatbot functionality into their own applications using the provided API. This developer-friendly API empowers developers to leverage Robofy's AI chatbot capabilities and incorporate them into their custom applications, thereby extending the reach of AI chatbot technology to diverse use cases.

Trusted and Reputable Backing

Robofy is backed by a reputable company with a range of products and services, including a blog, affiliate program, and API. This backing ensures that Robofy is supported by a reliable and established entity, providing website owners with confidence in the product's reliability and ongoing support.


Robofy emerges as a reliable AI chatbot solution for websites, offering personalized, automated responses to visitor queries that not only enhance user experience but also save valuable time and costs. With Robofy's free trial, website owners can embark on a journey to transform their website's customer service today, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for their visitors.

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