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ReliableGPT is the ultimate solution to stop OpenAI errors in production for your LLM app.

What is ReliableGPT?

ReliableGPT Tool Overview

The ReliableGPT tool is a robust solution specifically designed to address the challenge of dropped requests in the production environment of a Language Model (LLM) application. Its primary goal is to handle errors effectively, ensuring a seamless experience for users. The tool achieves this through the implementation of various strategies, including retrying with alternate models, employing larger context window models, utilizing semantic similarity-based cached responses, and fallback API keys.

Key Features

Alternate Model Retry

One of the key features of ReliableGPT is the ability to retry failed requests with alternate models. Users can choose from models such as GPT-4, GPT3.5, GPT3.5 16k, or text-davinci-003 to improve the chances of successful request completion.

Larger Context Window Models

In situations where errors are caused by context window limitations, ReliableGPT allows for the retrying of requests with larger context window models. This feature ensures that the tool can address and overcome errors related to context window limitations.

Semantic Similarity-based Cached Response

To efficiently handle errors, ReliableGPT provides cached responses based on semantic similarity. This approach minimizes the impact of errors and helps maintain a smooth user experience.

Fallback API Key Retry

In the event of Invalid API Key errors, ReliableGPT offers the capability to retry requests using a fallback API key. This feature serves as a safeguard, ensuring that errors related to invalid API keys do not disrupt the application's functionality.

Switch between Azure OpenAI and raw OpenAI

ReliableGPT offers the flexibility to seamlessly switch between Azure OpenAI and raw OpenAI, allowing users to tailor their usage based on specific requirements or preferences.

Caching for Overloaded Servers

To handle overloaded servers, ReliableGPT incorporates caching mechanisms. This feature is crucial for ensuring the smooth operation of the application, even under heavy server load.

Rotated Key Handling

Effortlessly handling rotated keys is another key feature of ReliableGPT. This capability prevents disruptions in service by managing the transition between different API keys seamlessly.

Use Cases

Production Environment Stability

In a production environment, ReliableGPT serves as a crucial tool to guarantee zero dropped requests, thereby ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted experience for LLM applications.

Error Handling

ReliableGPT plays a vital role in mitigating errors and providing alternate solutions to minimize their impact on the user experience. By offering a range of error-handling strategies, it helps to maintain the stability and performance of the application.

Smooth API Integration

The seamless integration with OpenAI API, coupled with its error-handling capabilities, makes ReliableGPT an essential component for ensuring a smooth and reliable API integration experience.

In summary, ReliableGPT is a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the specific needs of LLM applications in production. With its robust error-handling features, flexibility in model selection, and the ability to adapt to changing API environments, ReliableGPT provides the assurance of a seamless and uninterrupted user experience.

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