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Novable is a technology platform that specializes in startup and innovation scouting.

What is Novable?

Novable: An AI-Powered Innovation Scouting Platform

Novable is a cutting-edge technology platform that seeks to transform the landscape of startup and innovation scouting. With an emphasis on client-centric methodology, Novable harnesses AI-powered DeepMatching™ technology, coupled with expert insights, to aid companies in identifying and harnessing future innovations.

Features and Capabilities

AI-Powered Scouting: Novable leverages DeepMatching™ technology to streamline the process of startup and innovation scouting, enabling efficient identification and engagement with potential partners.

Professional Scouting and Validation: The platform provides comprehensive scouting services, including validation and support, to assist companies in making informed decisions about potential collaborations.

Vast Contextual Network: Novable offers access to a vast network encompassing millions of innovative companies globally, spanning diverse geographical locations and thematic areas.

Natural Language Search: Companies can effortlessly conduct scouting searches using natural language, simplifying the process and making it more user-friendly.

Time-Saving Efficiency: Novable's filtering mechanisms eliminate irrelevant information, saving companies valuable time and delivering personalized results tailored to their needs.

High Satisfaction Rate: Novable has successfully established trust among innovation professionals, reflected in an impressive 97% satisfaction rate.

Resources for Inspiration: In addition to its core scouting functionality, Novable provides supplementary resources such as client stories, an e-book, and a blog to inspire and inform companies on the latest trends and developments in the innovation landscape.

Practical Applications

Startup Scouting: Novable is particularly suited for companies looking to identify and engage with promising startups, providing a platform for establishing meaningful connections and potential partnerships.

Innovation Research: Companies can utilize Novable to conduct in-depth innovation research, enabling them to stay at the forefront of their respective industries by leveraging the latest advancements.

In summary, Novable stands as a formidable AI-powered innovation scouting platform, designed to be an indispensable ally for companies venturing into the realm of innovation. Through its advanced technology, in-depth insights, and deep pool of data, Novable empowers companies to explore, unearth, and collaborate with the innovations of the future, ensuring continued growth and competitiveness in today's dynamic business environment.

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