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Assist sales teams in maximizing their sales potential by automating the prospecting process and providing AI-generated prospect dossiers.

What is MagicProspect?

MagicProspect: Revolutionizing Sales Prospecting with AI

MagicProspect is an innovative AI-powered tool that revolutionizes the prospecting process for sales teams, enabling them to unleash their full sales potential. By leveraging advanced AI technology, MagicProspect has the capability to analyze raw data and transform it into actionable insights, providing sales professionals with the necessary tools to make well-informed decisions and greatly enhance client engagement.

Key Features and Benefits

AI-Generated Dossiers

One of the standout features of MagicProspect is its ability to generate AI-powered dossiers on potential clients, offering invaluable insights into their companies and prospects. This feature acts as a comprehensive knowledge base that equips sales teams with the necessary information to craft the perfect sales pitch, akin to a wizard reading a crystal ball to reveal hidden opportunities.

Seamless Integrations

MagicProspect seamlessly integrates with existing sales tools through its RESTful API, offering compatibility with platforms such as Pipedrive and Outreach. This integration adds a touch of wizardry to the sales pipeline, enhancing prospecting capabilities and streamlining the workflow for sales professionals.

Flexible Pricing

The tool operates on a credit-based system, providing users with 10 free credits upon sign-up, with the option to purchase additional credits as needed. This flexible pricing model ensures that users can tailor their subscription to their specific requirements, with the cost per credit decreasing as more credits are purchased, ultimately offering a customized and cost-effective solution.

Data-Driven Insights

MagicProspect taps into a vast reservoir of publicly available data to build its knowledge base, ensuring that sales teams have access to a comprehensive and insightful picture of their prospects. This data-driven approach provides a significant advantage, enabling sales professionals to craft effective sales strategies based on informed insights.

User Benefits

Enhanced Prospecting

By automating the prospecting process, MagicProspect saves time and effort while delivering comprehensive prospect dossiers, allowing sales teams to focus on engaging with potential clients.

Seamless Integrations

The tool's integration with popular sales tools ensures a smooth workflow, enabling sales professionals to seamlessly incorporate MagicProspect into their existing processes.

Cost Efficiency

MagicProspect's flexible credit-based pricing system allows users to tailor their subscription to their specific requirements, providing a cost-effective solution that meets varying needs.

Data-Driven Advantage

Access to a wealth of public data empowers sales teams with a competitive edge, enabling them to make informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of their prospects.


In summary, MagicProspect combines the power of AI-generated dossiers, seamless integrations, a robust knowledge base, and flexible pricing to empower sales teams in their prospecting efforts. By simplifying the prospecting process and providing sales professionals with the insights they need, MagicProspect equips them to effectively engage clients and close deals with confidence, ultimately revolutionizing the sales prospecting experience.

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