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Loti is an advanced facial recognition technology that helps individuals quickly identify if their intimate images or videos have been published online without consent

What is Loti?

Introducing Loti: Empowering Individuals to Protect Online Privacy

Loti represents a groundbreaking advancement in facial recognition technology, offering individuals the ability to secure their online privacy and personal images with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness. By allowing users to upload a photo, Loti enables them to quickly identify if any of their intimate images or videos have been disseminated online without their authorization, providing a valuable solution for content creators, individuals, and parents seeking to protect their images from unauthorized use.

Cutting-Edge Features

Facial Recognition Technology: Loti harnesses sophisticated facial recognition algorithms to detect and identify intimate images or videos that have been published online without consent, providing users with actionable information to safeguard their privacy.

Image Reclamation: With a simple click, users can take back control over their images, reclaiming ownership and authority over their personal content in the digital sphere.

Privacy and Security: Loti prioritizes user privacy by abstaining from storing any personal images and implementing default opt-out settings, ensuring that individuals can confidently utilize the platform without concerns about privacy breaches.

Support and Education

In addition to its core functionality, Loti also offers a wealth of supplementary resources to support and educate its users. Informative blogs, robust customer support, and a comprehensive FAQ page are all available to assist individuals in comprehending and implementing the best practices for safeguarding their online images.

Versatile Applications

Loti's utility spans multiple use cases, catering to a diverse range of needs and scenarios:

Personal Privacy

Individuals can rely on Loti to proactively safeguard their personal privacy, employing its capabilities to identify and reclaim control over their intimate images or videos, thus fortifying their online privacy and security.

Content Creator Protection

Recognizing the vital importance of preserving their professional reputation and creative assets, content creators can utilize Loti to block unauthorized sharing and protect their visual content from exploitation.

Parental Control

Parents concerned with the safety and security of their children's images online can turn to Loti as a valuable tool for mitigating the risks associated with unauthorized sharing, thereby ensuring their family's privacy is maintained in the digital realm.


As the preeminent facial recognition technology, Loti plays a central role in empowering individuals to defend their online privacy and assume control over their personal images. With its versatile features and dedication to user privacy, Loti represents a pivotal step forward in enabling individuals to safeguard their digital content with confidence and clarity.

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