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Atua is an AI tool designed to provide seamless AI assistance within Mac OS apps.

What is Atua?

Atua: The AI-Powered Mac OS Assistant

Atua is an AI-powered tool that has been specifically developed to provide users with seamless and efficient AI assistance within their Mac OS applications. By integrating ChatGPT directly into the user's workflow, Atua eliminates the need for context switching between different applications, thereby enhancing overall workflow and productivity.

Key Features

Seamless AI Assistance

Atua offers users easy and direct access to ChatGPT within their Mac OS applications, eliminating the need for context switching and streamlining the user experience.

Custom Commands and Hotkeys

Users have the ability to create personalized commands and assign hotkeys to optimize their workflow, allowing for efficient and tailored interactions.

Conversation History

Atua enables users to save and reference previous conversations with ChatGPT, providing a valuable resource for continuity and reference.


Designed to support a wide range of tasks, from content writing to code refactoring, Atua offers flexibility to meet diverse user needs.

Mac OS Compatibility

Atua is compatible with Mac OS 10.12 and above, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of Mac OS users.

One-Time Purchase

The tool operates on a one-time purchase model with a 7-day money-back guarantee, providing users with a sense of security and confidence.

Future Platform Expansion

Atua has ambitious plans to expand its offerings to include Windows and Linux platforms in the future, promising a broader reach and enhanced accessibility.

Separate Billing from ChatGPT Plus

Users need to be aware of the separate billing structure necessary to cover API usage costs for ChatGPT Plus, ensuring transparency and clarity regarding associated expenses.

Team Plan Licenses

Atua offers licenses tailored to the needs of teams and organizations, catering to collective usage and collaboration.

Email Support

Users can rely on email support for timely and effective assistance, ensuring continued support and guidance as needed.

Use Cases

Atua caters to a diverse range of user requirements, including:

  • Content writers and bloggers seeking AI assistance within their Mac OS applications.
  • Developers and programmers looking to streamline code refactoring and optimization processes.
  • Designers and creatives seeking AI-powered suggestions and inspiration for their projects.
  • Mac OS users across various industries seeking to enhance productivity and efficiency with AI assistance.
  • Organizations and teams looking for a centralized AI tool to bolster their workflows and projects.


Atua's versatility, array of customization options, and convenience make it a valuable tool for boosting productivity and efficiency within the Mac OS platform. Its seamless integration of ChatGPT, alongside its range of features and future expansion plans, positions it as an attractive choice for individuals, teams, and organizations seeking to leverage AI for enhanced workflow and performance.

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Atua Details

  • Plans and Pricing
  • Paid, $19

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