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AI-powered programming assistant for JetBrains IDEs!

What is AICommit?

AICommit: Enhancing Coding Workflow with AI-Powered Features

AICommit is a cutting-edge JetBrains IDE plugin empowered by artificial intelligence, designed to elevate the coding experience by offering a suite of intelligent features. These features include the generation of commit messages, code optimization, explanations, documentation generation, code conversion, and translation.

Key Features

Intelligent Commit Message Writer:

One of the standout features of AICommit is its ability to generate high-quality commit messages using sophisticated AI algorithms. This feature aims to improve the clarity and informativeness of commit logs.

In-Editor Pop-Up:

AICommit's in-editor pop-up provides convenient access to a range of AI-driven features, including code optimization, explanation, documentation generation, code conversion, and translation. This integration with the JetBrains IDEs enables users to seamlessly access these intelligent functions.

Custom Prompts and Parameter Adjustments:

AICommit allows users to customize prompts and adjust parameters to tailor the AI-generated results according to their specific needs. This flexibility ensures that users can optimize the output based on their individual requirements.

Seamless Integration:

AICommit seamlessly integrates with JetBrains IDEs, ensuring a cohesive user experience. This deep integration allows users to leverage AI-powered features without disrupting their established workflow.

Blazingly Fast Processing:

The plugin takes advantage of parallel processing, enabling rapid performance even with a significant number of changed files. This rapid processing speed contributes to a seamless and efficient coding experience.

Privacy-First Approach:

AICommit maintains a privacy-first approach by refraining from collecting code information or commit messages. This commitment to privacy and security reassures users about the safety of their sensitive data.

Use Cases

AICommit is tailored to cater to the following use cases:

Developers using JetBrains IDEs:

AICommit is beneficial for developers who utilize JetBrains IDEs and seek to enhance their coding workflow with AI-powered features. This includes improved commit message generation and various AI-driven tools for code enhancement.

Teams and Organizations:

Teams and organizations aiming to enhance code quality, efficiency, and collaboration can leverage AICommit to achieve these objectives. By integrating AI-powered features into their development processes, they can streamline their workflows and improve overall productivity.

Software Development Professionals:

AICommit serves as an AI-driven assistant for software development professionals, offering valuable suggestions, explanations, and translations. This can significantly improve the quality of the code and streamline the development process.


Individuals interested in automating commit message writing while maintaining descriptive and meaningful commit logs can benefit from AICommit. By harnessing the power of AI, users can streamline the process of creating informative commit messages.

Revolutionizing the Coding Experience

AICommit revolutionizes the coding experience by harnessing the power of AI to directly integrate intelligent features within the familiar environment of JetBrains IDEs. By offering advanced AI-driven capabilities, AICommit aims to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and overall quality of the coding workflow for developers and teams alike.

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