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  • Slack GPT logo

    Slack GPT

    Bringing the power of generative AI in Slack to help you work smarter, learn faster, and communicate better.

  • Artificial Pulse logo

    Artificial Pulse

    Artificial Pulse, an AI-generated podcast, offers a refreshing perspective on technology by delivering positive news and innovation updates.

  • BandoFacile logo


    Simplifies and expedites the application process for grants and funding opportunities.

  • theGist logo


    Get a quick summary of any Slack channel or thread with theGist.

  • Voiceline logo


    VoiceLine is an innovative tool that revolutionizes communication and collaboration by enabling users to effortlessly record and drop voice notes directly into their daily tools

  • Summary Cat logo

    Summary Cat

    YouTube video summary generator designed to help users effectively summarize video content.

  • SpinReactor logo


    Summarized unbiased news from multiple sources.

  • Textify logo


    AI writing tools from a single point of access

  • Shownotes logo


    Shownotes for your Youtube podcast

  • Resoomer logo


    Help users quickly identify and summarize the essential ideas and facts within various types of documents

  • Gimme Summary AI logo

    Gimme Summary AI

    Use AI to summarize articles on the web.

  • Skim It logo

    Skim It

    AI summary of any article in ~10 mins. Tweets & LinkedIn post included.

  • Castmagic logo


    AI Content Platform For Podcasts, Meetings, and More

  • ArxivGPT logo


    Summarize arXiv papers with a Chrome plug-in for quick understanding and insights.

  • Bitesized logo


    Get Informed with AI News Summaries in Seconds

  • Kome Summarizer logo

    Kome Summarizer

    Swiftly summarizes articles, YouTube videos, and websites, providing users with essential insights and saving them valuable time.

  • Wudpecker logo


    End the meeting with perfect notes and share it to every stakeholder with Wudpecker.

  • IB monograph Assistant logo

    IB monograph Assistant

    Effortlessly Write Long Essays with AI-Powered Tools

  • Chat Summary logo

    Chat Summary

    Summarized chat transcripts.

  • WriteGPT logo


    Plug ChatGPT capabilities on any website.

  • Spoke logo


    Communicate better, build faster ⚡️

  • IntentSeek logo


    IntentSeek is a Chrome extension designed to enhance the browsing experience of users by allowing them to interact with textual content in an advanced and efficient way.

  • DapperGPT logo


    Supercharge your ChatGPT API experience with an intuitive interface, AI-powered notes, smart search, and a Chrome extension

  • Call My Link logo

    Call My Link

    Record, transcribe, summarize and share video calls

  • Alphy logo


    Ask Questions on YouTube and Twitter Spaces with Ease

  • Dumme logo


    Never edit short-form content again. Use AI to turn your content into ready-to-upload clips and shorts—automatically.

  • Brevity logo


    Summarized information output for easy consumption.

  • Maritess logo


    A high-converting content creation Ai for women entrepreneurs.

  • TotemoTech logo


    Summarized Japanese tech news in English.

  • Bullet Points logo

    Bullet Points

    Generates concise and informative news briefs covering a wide range of topics.

  • Brave Search Summarizer logo

    Brave Search Summarizer

    Summarized web search results.

  • Fresho logo


    Dynamic content engagement for website users.

  • SummrAIz logo


    The ultimate newsletter summarizer! Get concise 250-word summaries of your favourite newsletters twice a week in your inbox. Stay informed with key details and access original content with links.

  • Podium logo


    Your copilot for podcast post-production.

  • AskBooks logo


    Summarizes books and offers author insights via chat.

  • Grammarly Go logo

    Grammarly Go

    Your Context, Your Voice, Your Assistant

  • Nüz logo


    Nüz is a personalized video news platform developed by OneSub that delivers insightful and balanced video summaries of today's news.

  • Review Rocket logo

    Review Rocket

    Summarizes reviews for apps/companies.

  • ClipGPT logo


    ClipGPT summarizes and organizes your notes and bookmarks using OpenAI's GPT API

  • Snipd logo


    Snipd is an innovative app powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that provides users with audio and text summaries of podcast episodes.

  • Current AI logo

    Current AI

    Summarizes real-time news on diverse world events.

  • Parrot AI logo

    Parrot AI

    Video conferences, presentations, and client calls are all captured by Parrot AI, which then converts them into information that can be safely saved, searched for, and shared.

  • Listicle Club logo

    Listicle Club

    Convert blog posts into visually captivating listicles.

  • Upheal logo


    AI assistant for mental health professionals

  • Article Summarizer logo

    Article Summarizer

    Summarize Articles with AI

  • Scribbler logo


    Podcast insights summarized and delivered instantly.

  • Myst News logo

    Myst News

    Delivers informative and unbiased news summaries.

  • Recast logo


    Transforms lengthy articles into audio summaries, allowing users to stay informed while multitasking.

  • Meet Summary logo

    Meet Summary

    AI-powered meeting summarization tool for accurate and consistent summaries and action items.

  • Rows AI logo

    Rows AI

    Your personal Data Analyst

  • Podpulse logo


    AI-Powered Podcast Summaries and Insights

  • TinyQuiz logo


    Create quizzes from existing content, simplifying assessments and saving time.

  • GPT Stick logo

    GPT Stick

    You don't need to copy anything to GPT to ask anymore.

  • Hacker News Recap logo

    Hacker News Recap

    AI-powered daily podcast summarizing top posts on Hacker News

  • Sumz AI logo

    Sumz AI

    Effortlessly summarize articles with Sumz AI for quick comprehension.

  • Abney logo


    Produce written assets from your podcast.

  • AlphaSense logo


    AlphaSense finds information on companies, data and themes from within millions of research documents in seconds, all with ONE simple search.

  • Airbnb Review Summarizer logo

    Airbnb Review Summarizer

    Condense Airbnb listing reviews based on personal preferences, aiding renters in quickly assessing suitability.

  • Any Summary logo

    Any Summary

    Saved time by summarizing documents.

  • Findsight AI logo

    Findsight AI

    Compare non-fiction ideas from multiple sources.

  • Bladerunner logo


    BladeRunner.AI is a browser extension that helps users identify AI-generated text by highlighting it on webpages, allowing for quick detection of fake product reviews, comments, and articles.

  • GPT-Prompter logo


    Extension to explain text quickly in Chrome.

  • Rizemail logo


    Get concise email insights in seconds. Save time, stay organized, and streamline your inbox.

  • WebMagic AI logo

    WebMagic AI

    WebMagic is an AI Article Summarizer.

  • AirOps logo


    Task-specific AI Apps that go beyond Chat-GPT—run NLP, generate-data-informed content, draft/fix/optimize SQL queries, and more

  • InSummary logo


    Automate performance reviews and status reports with AI-driven insights from your calendar data.

  • SciSummary logo


    Summarize scientific articles using AI

  • FYRAN logo


    AI Chatbots with Digital Human Avatars & MP3 Support

  • GistReader logo


    Personalised Podcasts & Summaries with AI-Enabled RSS Reader

  • Tldr AI Summarizer logo

    Tldr AI Summarizer

    Smart reading companion, saving time and providing users with key insights.

  • Ortus logo


    Learn faster with your Youtube AI Buddy

  • Boring Report logo

    Boring Report

    An app that eliminates sensationalism from the news

  • Deciphr Ai logo

    Deciphr Ai

    Transcribe your podcasts and audio with AI

  • Penelope AI logo

    Penelope AI

    Speed up writing with paraphrasing, summarizing and story generation

  • Scrivvy logo


    Condenses lengthy videos for easier comprehension.

  • Meeple logo


    Close 10x deals using your buyers' words

  • Ittybrief logo


    Tailored daily news and podcasts.

  • SummarAIze logo


    Content repurposing tool that turns your audio and video content into engaging social posts, email content, summaries, quotes, and more in just 10 minutes.

  • Google Gemini logo

    Google Gemini

    Harness multimodal AI for innovation, efficiency, and scalability with Google's advanced, developer-friendly platform.

  • Getcrux logo


    AI-powered tool for quick context and summary of conversations on Slack.

  • Wordtune logo


    Improve your writing and summarize long documents with Wordtune.

  • Tldwai logo


    Efficiently summarizes videos, providing users with key points and highlights

  • LinklessGPT logo


    Summarized links with no clicking needed.

  • Loopin AI logo

    Loopin AI

    Turn your meetings into workspaces where your whole team can collaborate and access talking points, notes, and next steps in one place.

  • VN Split logo

    VN Split

    Condenses voice notes in chats.

  • YouTube Summarized logo

    YouTube Summarized

    Chrome extension for summarizing almost any YouTube video

  • UnreadAI logo


    Curated and personalized content to help you stay ahead and access important information before it becomes widely known.

  • Genei logo


    Automate content creation for faster blogs, articles, and reports.

  • SiteExplainer logo


    SiteExplainer is an AI-powered web app that simplifies and summarizes complicated landing pages and corporate jargon used on websites.

  • Notelierai logo


    Notelier is an AI-powered platform designed to help students write and study smarter.

  • Insight7 logo


    Harness AI to distill customer feedback into actionable product and marketing insights.

  • Tooltips AI logo

    Tooltips AI

    Read. Understand. Super Fast.

  • Informed News logo

    Informed News

    Stay informed: curated, summarized global news across all devices, seamlessly.

  • Tailor by Threads logo

    Tailor by Threads

    Customizable AI stitched into Threads

  • Podchat logo


    Delivers podcast summaries straight to users' inboxes upon release and enables interactive Q&A sessions with podcast hosts, fostering deeper insights.

  • Summarize Tech logo

    Summarize Tech

    AI-generated summaries of long YouTube videos, lectures and events.

  • SummarizePaper logo


    AI platform designed for researchers and students

  • Giti logo


    Chatbot for personalized customer service interactions.

  • Shortify logo


    Time-saving summarization for better comprehension.

  • Leexi logo


    conversational intelligence solution platform

  • Booknotes logo


    Speeds up book learning through summaries.

  • TheGenerativePress logo


    The Generative Press is an automated news source written entirely by AI journalists, providing news articles without human intervention or editorial teams.

  • Twine Ambient logo

    Twine Ambient

    Delivers summarized feeds of information from platforms like Slack and Zoom, allowing users to access and organize essential content in one place for efficient information consumption.

  • Eightify logo


    Summaries for YT: 8 key ideas to decide if video is worth watching.

  • Snackz AI logo

    Snackz AI

    Aims to make knowledge accessible to everyone and covers a wide range of topics, from psychology and entrepreneurship to personal development and leadership.

  • Foxymeets logo


    Delivered concise meeting summaries to your inbox.

  • AI Resume Parser logo

    AI Resume Parser

    Get summaries of candidate profiles, and figure out which candidates would be best suited for a particular role and more.

  • Video2Recipe logo


    Convert youtube cooking videos into recipes in seconds using AI

  • MyReport logo


    Automated reports using NLP

  • ToSummary logo


    Mobile text extractor.

  • Shop Guru AI logo

    Shop Guru AI

    Transform Amazon shopping with AI-driven review analysis for smarter, quicker decisions.

  • TLDRAI logo


    Concise and easy-to-digest summaries of lengthy texts, files, and URLs.

  • Paperclips Copilot logo

    Paperclips Copilot

    Transform digital content into multilingual flashcards effortlessly with seamless browser integration.

  • Recapext logo


    An Open-source browser extension let you easily summarize any portion of any webpage with ChatGPT

  • Bearly logo


    Create summaries, outlines, & reword for research articles

  • YTSummary logo


    Get the gist of any YouTube video with AI summaries

  • Zoom IQ logo

    Zoom IQ

    Capture meaningful and actionable insights from customer interactions

  • SolidPoint logo


    Turn hours of content into minutes of key ideas!

  • One AI logo

    One AI

    Generative AI API for businesses

  • Fathom logo


    Automates note-taking and summarization during meetings.

  • Summari logo


    Upgrade links to short, informative previews with AI summarization tech.

  • Talknotes logo


    Talknotes is your ultimate voice memos companion, transforming your spoken words into a variety of written content with AI-powered magic.

  • Gist AI logo

    Gist AI

    Gist AI is a game-changing Chrome extension designed to simplify the process of extracting key information from lengthy articles

  • Synthesis Youtube logo

    Synthesis Youtube

    Web-based video segment search engine for podcasts.

  • B7Labs logo


    A tool for summarizing webpages.

  • Orygo AI logo

    Orygo AI

    Harness AI to centralize, search, and manage knowledge effortlessly across platforms.

  • Eightify Explore logo

    Eightify Explore

    Eightify Explore is a tool designed to help users discover unbiased articles on a wide range of captivating topics.

  • TLDR logo


    TLDR is an AI-powered IDE plugin designed to explain code in plain English, allowing developers to quickly build the mental context of methods that are not instantly understood.

  • Concise AI logo

    Concise AI

    Summarized news for different areas.

  • BLUF logo


    Extracted and comprehended web page information.

  • Video Highlight logo

    Video Highlight

    Extracting key points for efficient video note-taking.

  • ChatGPT for Youtube logo

    ChatGPT for Youtube

    ChatGPT for Youtube is a free Chrome Extension that provides access to the summary of YouTube videos. Let you quickly get the content of the video, save time and learn quicker.

  • Thatch logo


    Virtual Mailbox to Scan and Summarize your U.S. Physical Mail, Daily.

  • TextLayer logo


    Use AI to discover and understand Research papers

  • AI Summarizer logo

    AI Summarizer

    AI Summarizer is an advanced AI summarization tool that creates abstractive summaries with deep understanding of the original content

  • SumarizeYT logo


    Efficient video summarization for YouTube content.

  • Distillr logo


    Leverage the power of ChatGPT to get concise article summaries.

  • ExplainThis logo


    AI assistant provides page summary with one click, useful for quick understanding.

  • Unsummary logo


    Generate concise summaries for various types of content, including books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, people, and text.

  • SummarizR logo


    Summarized ed. content for students & instructors.

  • Flash Insights logo

    Flash Insights

    Web & video insights for efficient learning.

  • Hearbitz logo


    News summarization tool for staying informed on current events and trending topics.

  • TLDR this logo

    TLDR this

    Free yourself from info overload: TLDR summarizes text into concise content.

  • SummerEyes logo


    Automatically summarize any text in one click. Save time and boost productivity.

  • Website Summary AI logo

    Website Summary AI

    Summarizing websites for better accessibility.

  • ChatDOC logo


    ChatGPT-based file-reading assistant

  • Article Summary logo

    Article Summary

    Automatically create a short summary of any article.

  • Sharly AI logo

    Sharly AI

    Understand long documents 10X faster with AI

  • Hackercast logo


    AI-generated podcast summaries of Hacker News content for easy consumption.

  • BrewNote logo


    User research tool that converts interview recordings into actionable insights using AI-generated notes.

  • Collie logo


    Remote team management tool tailored for Engineering Managers.

  • tl;dv logo


    The meeting recorder that transcribes & summarizes your calls with customers, prospects, and your team.

  • Jamie logo


    Jamie is an AI assistant that generates high-quality meeting summaries in seconds

  • Tactiq logo


    AI-powered transcription tool for Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams

  • Sembly AI logo

    Sembly AI

    Sembly AI is a team assistant tool that simplifies the process of recording, transcribing, and summarizing professional meetings

  • SumlyAI logo


    AI-generated podcast summaries

  • Upword logo


    Create summaries faster with Upword's AI tools.

  • Writely logo


    Making writing easier for everyone

  • ClaudeAI logo


    next-generation AI assistant based on Anthropic’s research

  • Summarizethis logo


    help you summarize text, pdf, youtube, tweets, and anything else you want for free

  • Sybill logo


    Generates accurate, human-like sales call summaries

  • Casper AI logo

    Casper AI

    Simplify your workflow by summarizing articles and creating content

  • You-tldr logo


    You-tldr is an efficient and user-friendly tool that offers fast and accurate summaries of YouTube videos.

  • Quino logo


    Customized e-learning system.

  • Summarist logo


    Summarize books efficiently to broaden knowledge.

  • Storywiz logo


    Storywiz is an AI reading assistant powered by GPT-4, designed to help users efficiently absorb key takeaways from stories.

  • WordfixerBot logo


    WordfixerBot is a multi-purpose text tool for editing, summarizing, and comparing.

  • Kiwi logo


    Kiwi is an AI-powered tool that enhances video-based learning by providing users with the ability to ask questions, receive video summaries, and quiz themselves on the content.

  • Pin logo


    Slack-based team project management with task summaries.

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