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  • Myfit-AI logo


    Personalized fitness training programs created by Myfit-AI.

  • Greynights logo


    Greynights is an AI-powered companion that offers genuine, tailored companionship within your favorite messaging apps.

  • AI FitForge logo

    AI FitForge

    Your AI Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Right in Notion

  • Morgan logo


    Text Based AI that Learns from You and Gives Answers

  • PrevessAI App logo

    PrevessAI App

    Chat with your personal nutritionist 24/7

  • KELLS AI Dental Second Opinion logo

    KELLS AI Dental Second Opinion

    Verify your dental diagnosis and treatment plan with AI

  • Workout Fusion logo

    Workout Fusion

    AI powered fitness app making working out fun & entertaining

  • BetterBody logo


    Health and fitness app designed to help ease meal tracking

  • Sonia: AI Therapy logo

    Sonia: AI Therapy

    Mental health for every mind

  • Ardor Fitness logo

    Ardor Fitness

    Personal trainer AI that evolves with you

  • Kettle Bell Builder logo

    Kettle Bell Builder

    Kettlebell HIIT workout planner with customizable routines and timer guidance.

  • Personalized Workouts AI logo

    Personalized Workouts AI

    I'll create a custom workout for you following all training science principles. No knowledge needed.

  • Dumbbell AI: Motion Tracking Fitness App logo

    Dumbbell AI: Motion Tracking Fitness App

    An Interactive Workout You Will Never Forget, Powered by AI

  • MealByMeal logo


    Easy AI-powered calorie and macro tracking over text

  • logo

    Personalised workout plans, supercharged by AI.

  • Mike AI logo

    Mike AI

    Personalized meal and workout plan.

  • MealPractice logo


    Generated recipes for personalized meal planning.

  • Mealmind logo


    Simplified personalized diet grocery planning.

  • These Abs Do Not Exist logo

    These Abs Do Not Exist

    Get Abs of Your Favourite Celebs Using AI-Generated Pictures

  • BurnBacon logo


    Achieve your fitness goals with BurnBacon, the AI-powered fitness companion.

  • ChefGPT logo


    AI-powered recipe recommendations based on various inputs.

  • GymGenie logo


    Create custom workout routines based on individual gym goals

  • Aiwod logo


    AIWOD is an AI-powered platform that generates daily bodyweight workouts to keep users engaged and motivated in their fitness journey.

  • Hoku logo


    Hoku is your AI health coach that syncs with your data, learns your health preferences, and gives you all the guidance and tools to optimise your health.

  • WorkoutPro logo


    The #1 AI Personal Trainer

  • FitForge logo


    FitForge offers customised AI workout plans for your fitness goals

  • Hypereficient logo


    Optimizes workout routines for maximum muscle gain in less time.

  • Mymealplan logo


    MyMealPlan is an AI-driven meal planning service that helps users easily create personalized meal plans tailored to their preferences and dietary restrictions

  • EzeGym logo


    EzeGym: A cloud-based, customizable software solution for comprehensive gym management

  • Zing Coach logo

    Zing Coach

    AI-powered fitness tool, streamlines the process of evaluating fitness levels.

  • Reflect logo


    Train closer than ever to your favorite coaches and influencers with Reflect.

  • Endurance logo


    Endurance automates your planning, so you can focus on reaching your goals.

  • IronIQ logo


    Embark on a transformative fitness journey with the support of AI-guided workouts and personalized training plans.

  • AI Meal Planner logo

    AI Meal Planner

    Create a delicious and nutritious weekly meal plan based on your preferences and allergies!

  • Getactyv logo


    Getactyv is an AI and computer vision assisted health and fitness platform that offers personalized programs to help users reach their goals

  • Sage AI logo

    Sage AI

    AI Assistant for Personal Health

  • PerfAI logo


    Ensure high-performance REST APIs, resulting in improved user experiences and reduced churn.

  • GymBuddy AI logo

    GymBuddy AI

    Tailor your workout routines, track progress intelligently, and achieve visible results

  • 1PM Workout logo

    1PM Workout

    Become The Next One Punch Man!

  • Impakt-AI Fitness Coach logo

    Impakt-AI Fitness Coach

    Get Fit with AI. Grow Your Social Brand

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