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  • Faith Forward logo

    Faith Forward

    Daily Christian devotionals w/verse analysis.

  • Rabbi AI logo

    Rabbi AI

    Get Instant Answers on Judaism

  • Tarteel logo


    Tarteel is an AI-powered Quran companion that helps users improve their recitation and memorization skills by providing real-time feedback, highlighting words, offering translations, and customizable challenges.

  • Gita GPT logo

    Gita GPT

    Unlock the Power of AI with the Bhagavad Gita

  • ChatKJV logo


    AI-powered chatbot delivering interactive, conversational scripture readings from the King James Bible.

  • AstroGPT logo


    AstroGPT is a personalized astrology service that provides expert guidance for love, career, and more. Users can sign in with Google to discover their destiny and trust the stars to help them shine.

  • Church AI logo

    Church AI

    Biblical advice for decision-making.



    Tensor Church is an AI-powered chatbot that allows users to ask about religion, belief, or philosophy across multiple faiths.

  • Text With Jesus logo

    Text With Jesus

    Enlightening conversations and a deeper connection to revered biblical figures.

  • Robot Spirit Guide logo

    Robot Spirit Guide

    Religious guidance and interpretation output.

  • Digital Bible logo

    Digital Bible

    the most advanced Bible experience in the world

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