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Customizable chat settings, and an intuitive interface to facilitate smooth and efficient conversations.

What is Typee?

Typee: Redefining Chat Experience with AI-Powered Interface

Typee is a cutting-edge AI chat UI tool that revolutionizes the chatting experience by placing keyboard input at the forefront. This novel approach creates a seamless and intuitive environment for users to engage in conversations. Although Typee is currently in its beta phase, its design is geared towards augmenting conversations through its distinctive features and user-friendly interface.

Key Features

AI Avatar

The standout feature of Typee is its AI avatar, which significantly amplifies engagement and interactivity within your chats.

Customizable Chat Settings

Users have the freedom to personalize their chat experience by adding new chats and modifying chat settings according to their preferences.

Easy Navigation

The tool’s interface incorporates a convenient left panel for effortless navigation, offering the flexibility to open or close it as per the user’s requirement.

Keyboard Shortcut

A simple keyboard shortcut utilizing '/' in the input area allows users to swiftly initiate actions without causing any disruption to their workflow.

Help Page

For users in need of guidance, typing '/help' provides instant access to a help page that offers comprehensive assistance on using Typee’s features.

AI Models

Typee harnesses the power of diverse AI models, including OpenAI's OpenAI Router, GPT-3.5, GPT-3.5 16K, GPT-4, and GPT-4 32K. These models bolster the natural language processing capabilities of the tool.

Extension Plugins

Typee encompasses extension plugins that furnish additional functionalities such as page view, copy all, and advanced options, thereby enriching the tool’s capabilities.

Continuous Improvements

As a beta product, Typee undergoes regular updates with the addition of new features on a weekly basis, ensuring continuous enhancements and improvements.

JavaScript Enabled

To fully capitalize on Typee’s features, users are required to have JavaScript enabled within the application.

User Benefits

Efficient Conversations

Typee’s keyboard-first approach streamlines conversations, rendering it convenient and efficient for users to communicate seamlessly.

AI Avatar Engagement

The integration of an AI avatar infuses chats with interactivity and engagement, thereby enhancing the overall chat experience.


Users have the liberty to tailor their chat settings to align with their preferences, guaranteeing a personalized and satisfying experience.

Helpful Keyboard Shortcut

The inclusion of a keyboard shortcut simplifies the initiation of actions, ultimately saving time and effort during chats.

AI-Powered Communication

The incorporation of diverse AI models empowers users with advanced language processing capabilities, facilitating more sophisticated and meaningful interactions.


Typee emerges as an AI chat UI tool that places keyboard input as the focal point and offers an array of features to elevate the chat experience. With its innovative AI avatar, customizable chat settings, intuitive navigation, and convenient keyboard shortcuts, Typee aims to simplify and streamline conversations. The integration of various AI models and extension plugins further enriches the tool’s capabilities. As a beta product, Typee undergoes continual evolution by introducing new features, thus ensuring users have access to an ever-improving chat interface.

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