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Generate vector art, 3D images and more

What is Recraft? is an AI-powered infinite artboard that allows users to generate and edit vector art, icons, 3D images, and illustrations in a wide range of styles, suitable for websites, print, and marketing. It is free for everyone, and allows commercial use of the generated images. uses a variety of AI technologies to generate high-quality images, including:

Diffusion models: Diffusion models are a type of AI model that can generate images from text descriptions. uses diffusion models to generate images based on the user's prompts. GANs: GANs, or generative adversarial networks, are a type of AI model that can generate images that are indistinguishable from real images. uses GANs to improve the quality of the generated images. Vector graphics: Vector graphics are a type of graphics that are made up of mathematical equations. generates vector graphics, which means that the images can be scaled to any size without losing quality.

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