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Explore a wide range of Healthcare tools and products related to AI
  • Medical Chat logo

    Medical Chat

    Medical chatbot for professionals and patients.

  • AI2DocReview logo


    AI answer medical question, medical expert verify it

  • Sous Chef logo

    Sous Chef

    ll give you recipes based on the foods you love and ingredients you have.

  • Cognitive Bias Detector logo

    Cognitive Bias Detector

    Test ideas for cognitive biases or challenge your own views. Member of the Hipster Energy Team.

  • Recipe Pal logo

    Recipe Pal

    Your go-to helper for tasty recipes, meal plans, and nutrition advice.

  • DogFooding logo


    Get personalized dog food recommendations based on breed, age and allergies that will improve your dog's health

  • Find Common Ground AI logo

    Find Common Ground AI

    Re-find Common Ground & improve your personal relationship

  • Dumbbell AI: Motion Tracking Fitness App logo

    Dumbbell AI: Motion Tracking Fitness App

    An Interactive Workout You Will Never Forget, Powered by AI

  • Carnivore Coach logo

    Carnivore Coach

    Go Carnivore, ask anything, get instant answers. GPT based on content from top carnivore minds in the space

  • YourDoctor AI logo

    YourDoctor AI

    The AI helper to provide you with health recommendations.

  • MealByMeal logo


    Easy AI-powered calorie and macro tracking over text

  • Visus logo


    Visus allows you to train a ChatGPT AI on your documents and knowledge base

  • AI Health Mind logo

    AI Health Mind

    Ask a medical question and receive a clear and concise answer within just 5 minutes, with the help of AI.

  • Am I The A**hole? logo

    Am I The A**hole?

    AI-powered a**hole detection

  • SOAP Note AI logo

    SOAP Note AI

    Ultimate Partner in Streamlined Physical Therapy Documentation

  • Lotus logo


    Lotus is Ultimate AI Therapist Chatbot

  • Health Buddy logo

    Health Buddy

    Navigating Your Symptoms, Guiding You to Wellness

  • logo

    Personalised workout plans, supercharged by AI.

  • MedGPT logo


    Medication information and analysis.

  • logo

    AI platform for protein design

  • MediSearch logo


    Analyzed healthcare Q&A with NLP.

  • Calorie Companion logo

    Calorie Companion

    Calorie counter and meal tracker

  • kind loves lonely logo

    kind loves lonely

    Daily chat app to exercise your kindness

  • Purpose Quest logo

    Purpose Quest

    Increase your self-awareness using our AI reflection tool

  • AI FitForge logo

    AI FitForge

    Your AI Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Right in Notion

  • Morgan logo


    Text Based AI that Learns from You and Gives Answers

  • PrevessAI App logo

    PrevessAI App

    Chat with your personal nutritionist 24/7

  • Planfit - AI Personal Trainer logo

    Planfit - AI Personal Trainer

    Personalized Workout Coaching w/ Machine learning + ChatGPT

  • KELLS AI Dental Second Opinion logo

    KELLS AI Dental Second Opinion

    Verify your dental diagnosis and treatment plan with AI

  • Dream Oracles logo

    Dream Oracles

    Interpret and understand your dreams

  • Workout Fusion logo

    Workout Fusion

    AI powered fitness app making working out fun & entertaining

  • Ardor Fitness logo

    Ardor Fitness

    Personal trainer AI that evolves with you

  • - The AI Lie Detector logo - The AI Lie Detector

    Combining psychology with computer vision

  • BetterBody logo


    Health and fitness app designed to help ease meal tracking

  • Sonia: AI Therapy logo

    Sonia: AI Therapy

    Mental health for every mind

  • LogMeal logo


    Shazam for food

  • KAI Conversations logo

    KAI Conversations

    KAI Conversations is a conversation analyzer that empowers brands and individuals with deep insights to make informed decisions.

  • Abridge logo


    Abridge is a medical AI tool that uses ambient AI technology to structure and summarize medical conversations, creating clinical documentation.

  • PMcardio logo


    PMcardio is a medical device that assists doctors in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases

  • Whisper AI logo

    Whisper AI

    AI-powered hearing aid adjusts to different hearing situations

  • Upheal logo


    AI assistant for mental health professionals

  • Nabla logo


    Automated clinical note generation, seamless EHR integration, and HIPAA-compliant documentation streamline healthcare workflows effortlessly."

  • Food for Blood Pressure logo

    Food for Blood Pressure

    Web meal planner for managing high blood pressure.

  • DrugCard logo


    AI-Enabled Local Literature Screening for Pharmaceuticals

  • Hippocratic AI logo

    Hippocratic AI

    Free search tool for medical knowledge

  • Lavo AI logo

    Lavo AI

    AI-Accelerated Quantum Chemistry for Rapid Drug Development

  • Hoku logo


    Hoku is your AI health coach that syncs with your data, learns your health preferences, and gives you all the guidance and tools to optimise your health.

  • Cradle logo


    Cradle uses AI to help biologists design improved proteins quickly and accurately.

  • Parseur logo


    Maximize data extraction efficiency with AI-powered precision, OCR, and customizable templates.

  • Wysa logo


    Wysa is an AI-powered mental health platform that provides anonymous, safe, and free support for individuals struggling with negative thoughts and emotions.

  • MeddiPop logo


    MeddiPop AI routes qualified patient leads to your medical practice & provides you with an intuitive dashboard to keep track of it all.

  • Docus logo


    Providing personalized health insights, recommendations, and support based on your medical history, symptoms, and more.

  • Woebot Health logo

    Woebot Health

    AI-powered mental health ally backed by clinical research.

  • AI Health Query logo

    AI Health Query

    Distills valuable insights from health-related podcasts and articles, offering users an efficient way to find answers to their health questions.

  • Knowbo logo


    Empower customer service with an AI chatbot that learns from your website, ensuring up-to-date interactions.

  • HealthGPT logo


    Personalized healthcare & advice platform.

  • Health Scanner logo

    Health Scanner

    Health record risk identification.

  • Sugar Free: Food Scanner logo

    Sugar Free: Food Scanner

    Your Guide to Sugar-Free Living

  • Ogimi AI logo

    Ogimi AI

    Ogimi is Your Personal Mindfulness Coach

  • PodAI logo


    Personalized sleep insights via chatbot.

  • Medgic logo


    Medgic is a tool designed for scanning, analyzing, and detecting skin problems.

  • PharmaTrace logo


    Predicts & manages chronic diseases for healthcare.

  • Suki AI logo

    Suki AI

    Suki AI is an advanced voice assistant specifically tailored for healthcare professionals

  • No Stress logo

    No Stress

    Relax, Recharge, and Revive with No Stress

  • TranquilFibroids logo


    Find Relief Through Guided Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

  • Sohar Health logo

    Sohar Health

    Sohar Health is a platform designed specifically for behavioral health companies, offering patient eligibility verification and AI-powered medical coding to streamline processes and enhance outcomes.

  • Onvy logo


    ONVY is an AI-powered health and performance optimization tool that offers personalized advice and guidance to help users improve their physical and mental health.

  • MediCodio logo


    Increase the Efficiency of your Medical Coding by Automating Workflows

  • Rayscape logo


    Rayscape is an advanced AI solution for radiology that enhances X-ray and CT imaging accuracy and efficiency through deep learning algorithms.

  • MindMate logo


    Your Personal AI-Powered Mental Health Companion

  • Leny logo


    Medical AI assistant

  • Mindset logo


    Inspiring wellness audio by experts and celebs.

  • FindYourTriggers logo


    AI-powered journal that enhances self-awareness by helping users identify, process, and overcome triggers, ultimately boosting productivity and personal growth.

  • KinesteX logo


    KinesteX is an AI-powered fitness and physiotherapy app that offers personalized workouts, real-time feedback, and monitoring by health instructors.

  • Onoco AI logo

    Onoco AI

    Optimized baby nap time prediction based on sleep data.

  • Lunit logo


    Medical AI software to detect cancer earlier & predict treatment responses

  • Saam logo


    Mental health journaling support.

  • Dream Decoder logo

    Dream Decoder

    Chat your way to better understanding your dreams

  • Be My Eyes logo

    Be My Eyes

    App connects the blind with volunteers.

  • Language Checker logo

    Language Checker

    Supports individuals in creating more inclusive content and fostering effective communication.

  • MediNav logo


    MediNav is a medical assistant that reduces patient documentation time.

  • Sage AI logo

    Sage AI

    AI Assistant for Personal Health

  • Ubie logo


    Ubie is a healthcare AI tool developed by doctors that provides users with potential causes and treatment options for their symptoms.

  • Oatmealhealth logo


    Oatmeal Health is an AI-enabled cancer screening service that helps identify and screen high-risk populations for lung cancer.

  • TTcare logo


    TTcare is an AI-powered health care app designed for pets and their owners.

  • Mindsum AI logo

    Mindsum AI

    Mental health conversation assistant.

  • Flourish logo


    Flourish Technologies is an AI-powered self-therapy app offering evidence-based advice and personalized mental wellness exercises for improved mental health and well-being.

  • Glow AI logo

    Glow AI

    Your personalized skincare solution

  • Ask Poppy logo

    Ask Poppy

    Your AI bestie that actually texts back.

  • Tempus logo


    Transforming Healthcare with Data-Driven AI Solutions

  • NoteGenie logo


    Elevate your professional note-taking with the intelligence of NoteGenie.

  • Earkick logo


    Workplace mental health tool that measures and addresses mental health risks in real-time, providing actionable suggestions for reducing burnout and promoting well-being.

  • Tuliaa logo


    Improve your emotional awareness using AI

  • FoodIntake - AI calorie counter logo

    FoodIntake - AI calorie counter

    Empowering you to make healthier food choices with AI

  • MindMateGPT logo


    Personalized mental health guidance & coping tactics.

  • Balance logo


    Balance is an AI tool designed to help individuals challenge their anxious thoughts using GPT-4.

  • AI Doula logo

    AI Doula

    The world's first AI pregnancy and maternity assistant

  • SommerAI logo


    SommerAI is an AI therapist that utilizes evidence-based approaches such as CBT, SFBT, and RRT, as well as life tips, to provide personalized mental health support to individuals through a weekly schedule.

  • Facial Assessment Tool logo

    Facial Assessment Tool

    Use ML to analyze your face and get cosmetic suggestions.

  • Instacart for ChatGPT logo

    Instacart for ChatGPT

    What’s cookin'? Ask about recipes, meal plans, & more -- and get ingredients delivered from 40,000+ stores!

  • Impakt-AI Fitness Coach logo

    Impakt-AI Fitness Coach

    Get Fit with AI. Grow Your Social Brand

  • Rejuve logo


    Rejuve is an innovative decentralized network that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and collective collaboration to advance longevity research.

  • logo

    Effortless Food Tracking with AI.

  • JADBio logo


    JADBio is a no-code machine learning tool that automates the discovery of biomarkers, making it ideal for researchers in drug discovery, biomarker identification, and response to treatment studies.

  • Teache logo


    Personalized Tutoring for Every Learner

  • Ask AI Vet logo

    Ask AI Vet

    Ask AI Vet – Online for free

  • AweMyFace logo


    Skincare app & AI-powered guide to perfect skin with 99.1% accuracy.

  • Skinive logo


    AI-based Dermatology tool for Complete Skin Analysis

  • LooksMax AI logo

    LooksMax AI

    Beyond Looks, Beyond Limits. Embrace Your Best Self.

  • Atomic AI logo

    Atomic AI

    AI-driven RNA drug discovery, with atomic precision.

  • proudP logo


    proudP is a mobile app for men's prostate and urinary health, a FDA Class II medical device that tracks and measures urine flow with 98% clinical accuracy.

  • Happy Mama logo

    Happy Mama

    Get instant answers to pregnancy questions.

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