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SDF is a next-generation build system for data infrastructure

What is Sdf?

SDF: A Next-Generation Build System for Data Infrastructure

SDF is an innovative build system designed for data infrastructure, offering comprehensive compilation of data contracts, queries, and policies to establish code-level, time-level, and access-level dependencies in a single process. Highlighted below are the distinctive features and benefits of SDF:


One of the standout characteristics of SDF is its exceptional scalability, positioning it as the premier choice for building data infrastructure. This scalability promises to accommodate the evolving and expansive needs of data management and development.

Local Execution

SDF brings the convenience of local execution to SQL development, providing intelligent workflows and robust data governance in a compact Rust-based package occupying just 60MB. This feature enhances the agility and efficiency of data development processes with its resource-efficient framework.

Data Governance

The build system facilitates precise column-level lineage analysis, delivering an all-encompassing data catalog straight out of the box. This capability empowers organizations to streamline data governance and gain detailed insights into data lineage.

User-Friendly Interface

SDF prioritizes user experience by offering a powerful and user-friendly platform for data development. This intuitive interface enables organizations of varying sizes to maximize the potential of their data assets while upholding pertinent policies and safeguards.

Cloud-Based Operation

Operated in the cloud, SDF's engine is set to be open-source, allowing for seamless deployment and execution of workflows. This cloud-based infrastructure enables swift and automated workflow scheduling, all while enforcing policies in real-time to ensure adherence to data governance standards.

Diverse Use Cases

SDF's capabilities cater to a breadth of data-related activities, including but not limited to:

  • Building code-level, time-level, and access-level dependencies within data infrastructure.
  • Streamlining SQL development by compiling data contracts, queries, and policies in a unified manner.
  • Offering comprehensive column-level lineage analysis for swift generation of a feature-rich data catalog.
  • Empowering organizations of all sizes to harness their data assets while upholding pertinent policies and protections.
  • Enabling the seamless scheduling and enforcement of policies within real-time workflows.

In summary, SDF represents a next-generation build system that holds the promise of revolutionizing data infrastructure by offering scalability, user-friendliness, robust data governance, and diverse use cases that cater to the ever-evolving needs of modern data management and development.

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